Powder Bleaching Earth

Powder Bleaching Earth
  • Powder Bleaching Earth
Product name : Powder Bleaching Earth
Product No. : HX-ADSORP
 HX-ADSORP Powder Bleaching Earth

HX-ADSORP Powder bleaching earth is an advanced adsorption and bleaching agent, widely used in oil, chemical and other industries. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 and so on. It is well suitable for refining vegetable and animal oils and fats, moreover for finishing and/or reprocessing numerous types of mineral oils, praffins and waxes.

  • High bleaching efficiency
  • Fast filtration rate
  • Low oil retention
  • Ability minimise the increase of free fatty acids
  • Removing impurities like soap & trace metals without affecting appearance, flavour & nutritional properties of Oil 


Technical Data Sheet

Item Index              
Grain diameter (200 mesh) (%)         ≥ 90
Moisture (110 °C) (%)                       ≤ 10
Free acid (H2SO4 %)                         ≤ 0.2
Decolorizing Rate (%)                        ≥ 90
pH 4.5-6.0




25kg/50kg; Braided bag, Composited Paper Bag; Jumbo bag;


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