Granule Container Desiccant

Granule Container Desiccant
  • Granule Container Desiccant
Product name : Granule Container Desiccant
Product No. : HX-SORBC
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HX-SORBC Granule  Container Desiccant 





HX-SORBC Granule container desiccant is specially developed for shipping cargo. It absorbs large quantities of moisture to safeguard items such as machinery, canned goods, and steel products against rust and corrosion and can also prevent mold and mildew contamination found on food packages. 





  • Ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers
  • Protection of agricultural commodities, furniture, auto parts, machinery, metal products, textiles, leather goods, food products, canned goods, bottled products, and many other products

Technical Date Sheet

Item Index
Appearance  Spherical
Bulk density(g/ml)                                                    ≥ 0.60
Static moisture-absorbing capacity (%)                    ≥ 50.0
Grain diameter (mm) 3.0-5.0
Granularity (%)                                                        ≥ 95.0
Moisture content  (%)                                              ≤  1.5



Packing: 25kg; PP bag; Kraft paper bag; 


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